Year in Review

When we look back on all that we accomplished in 2023, we recognize that every team member and loyal fan played a part in our success. Take a walk down memory lane with us as we review the successes of 2023 and learn what’s in store for 2024! We are just getting started…



Plans For 2024

Kegs Brewhouse

  • Adding a benefits program for our full time staff including vision, dental, and short term disability
  • Increasing our distribution in the Triangle while keeping our primary focus on ensuring the taproom remains stocked
  • Continuing our commitment to be a community partner
  • Expanding our real estate to include a lounge dedicated to 21+ (details to come)

A Note from Ian

Reflections on 2023

MIkey and Ian BrewingOur focus in 2023 was to explore our favorite styles with pretty relentless experimentation with lighter lagers, West Coast and Hazy IPAs. While the pursuit of greatness through experimentation will always continue, I think we’ll be a little more fine tuned this year and put some more volume and dedicated can labels behind certain brands.

Up First

With a slightly more narrow focus in our higher volume styles, it should open up some tank space for beers we didn’t get around to last year. First on the list is rustic farmhouse ales in the spring and beginning to build our barrel wall with some big stouts and barleywines.

Coming Soon

Already in tanks or soon to be is a Baltic Porter, Milk Stout which will be split for a flavored variant, a low ABV English Pub Ale, a low ABV triple decocted Czech lager, and a return of some of the favorite smoothie sours last year like the Blue Ras Barbie sour.

Late Winter/Early Spring

On the production schedule for late winter / early spring is Spring Bock, a 6.5% ABV golden/copper lager that combines drinkability but also a little umph as cold weather can linger around in the spring. The lager right behind that is a Czech polotmavy, a double decocted Amber lager that will be a must try for the fans of our Dunkel. And finally, sales rates spoke loud and clear about the popularity of No Si, our salted lime Mexican lager. We’re planning a much larger batch size to release in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the popularity of our Kolsch cannot be ignored and we should see more distribution of Kolsch this year. So please support Blackbird Brewery when you see us on tap out in the wild!