About Blackbird Brewery


Husband and Wife Owners Ian and Harmony VanGundy

Husband and wife owners Ian and Harmony VanGundy have spent their professional lives taking care of people, making great beer, and helping build great local breweries in Wake Forest and Raleigh, NC. In 2022, with decades of experience in brewing, sales, and distribution, and minds full of ideas, it was time to create something new. They wanted to create a more thoughtful approach to brewing and living. A place for remote workers and family-focused beer drinkers—where people from all walks of life could find their new favorite place and their new favorite beer.

Ian and Harmony Enjoying a Tasty Beer

Wake Forest is our home and we are proud to play a role in the community. For us, everything is connected. Our work, our team, our neighborhood and our area. Our priority is people and partnerships—creating an environment where people do their best work, have a great time and live their best life. We are a place where people from all walks of life enjoy incredible beer. The world isn’t begging for another place to grab a beer. We believe we can be a positive part of someone’s day, a joyful stop in life’s journey. We want to make the most of our time on earth and help others do the same. We believe in making the most of each moment, in pitching in and giving back, in lifting people up rather than going through the motions.

Ian & Harmony Signature

At Blackbird Brewery, our mission is to be a messenger of hope:

Our time on the planet is short. Take nothing for granted. Keep your glass and your life filled with the best the world has to offer.

Craft beer in a Blackbird glass