Blackbird Brewery FAQ

Do you serve food? 

We do not serve food. Instead, our guests often enjoy free delivery from Romeo’s Pizza next door and food from other neighboring businesses including Cape Fear Seafood Company, TDLLO Sushi and Ramen, and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice.

Are dogs allowed? 

Leashed dogs are allowed in our patio area. They may come in with you to order your drink.

Do you have beverages other than beer? 

We provide cider, seltzers, a large selection of wine including prosecco on draft, and hard kombucha. Our N/A options include Devil’s Foot Brew Lemonades, N/A canned beers, sparkling waters, CBD sparkling waters, hop water, Kombucha, water and juice boxes.

Are kids allowed? 

Yes, children are welcome to enjoy the taproom and patio. We ask that all parents ensure their children are following the beer garden rules (see below). 

How do I order a keg? 

Email harmony@blackbirdbeer.com for private or retail keg or can purchases.

Do you fill growlers? 

We do not fill growlers, but we do have cans and kegs for sale. 

What are the beer garden rules?
  • No throwing rocks, mud, sticks, etc. over the fence.
  • Please clean up your trash.
  • Please bring glasses to the bus tub on the sidewalk or to the bar.
  • If a ball goes over the fence, a parent must be the one to retrieve it.
  • Please keep an eye on your children. While we offer a large fenced area to play, safety is a priority.
  • No one is permitted behind the brewery.
  • Please step away from the patio to smoke and dispose of your butts.
  • Please keep your furry friend on a leash.
Have other questions? 

Fill out the contact form below, call/email the taproom, or stop by for a visit!