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Take flight with us! Visit our local craft brewery where we are combining craft, chemistry, and community.

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Local Craft Brew in Blackbird Brewery Glassware

Blackbird Brewery

Blackbird Brewery is a family-owned and brewer-owned local brewery in Wake Forest, NC. We are not a venture, an investment or a pet project. This is our life. You can taste it in each sip and feel it when you walk into our tap room. For out of town visitors or taproom regulars we are a place to call home, even if it’s just for an hour. At Blackbird Brewery, you’re not just one of our customers, you are one of us.

We invite you to come enjoy one of our many local beers (or two) in our 1,000 ft. taproom or our 5,000 ft. outdoor patio and beer garden in Wake Forest, NC.

Blackbird Brewery - Wake Forest

Commitment to Every Detail Experience Guest Brew Moment

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Blackbird Brewery is a dimensional experience, where everything matters and nothing happens by accident. From our brewhouse design to our Czech-style side-pull beer faucets to our glassware, our customers are immersed in a warm, approachable and elegant environment. We know that little things add up to a lot and those details and touches can leave a lasting impression.

In the end, Blackbird stands for beer. Try one of our world class lagers, bold new IPAs, or intensely flavored, barrel-aged stouts and you will taste our passion for perfecting classic styles, exploring new techniques and new recipe ideas. Join us as we uncover new flavors and make new friends, hoist pints and lift spirits. Blackbird Brewery is taking flight.

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