Czech-Style Pilsner Collab with Burning Blush Brewery in Mills River, NC

Our first collab as Blackbird Brewery was a Czech-style Pilsner with one of our favorite lager brewers, Burning Blush. This family-owned brewery in Mills River, NC spared no expense in their taproom decor, glassware and presentation. They share our passion and patience for long, cold and slow fermentations, natural carbonation poured with a big frothy lasting head.

This Czech-style Pilsner features a bouquet of noble Saaz hops on top of continental malt decoction mashed for an elevated malt profile. It is now resting in tanks for two months to morph into a very special nuanced beer. Thank you Whit and “mom” for hosting us and showing us some tricks with Lukr faucets and spunding methods!

 You’ll find our collab pilsner as a draft-only limited release on tap at Burning Blush and Blackbird Brewery.