Pucker Up!

We recently sat down with Mikey Bourquardez, an integral part of the brewing program at Blackbird Brewery, to discuss Sunshine Sour Ale, the first sour produced by Blackbird. Read on to learn what inspired the new sour and why they’re stoked about it.

To understand what inspired this beer, we ask you to close your eyes and return to your childhood potlucks. Remember that marshmallow salad with the mandarin orange segments and pineapple in it? We thought it was time for “Ambrosia” to make a comeback!

Playing on the harmonious blend of sweet and tart notes found in ambrosia salad, Mikey and Ian set out to create a sour using fruit and marshmallow to achieve that same balance. First they acidified beer to create a natural sour ready to process and put fruit on. Next, they added pineapple and orange puree to bring a punchy fruit note to add depth and balance out the natural sourness of the beer. The addition of the soft, sweet marshmallow helped them create a “desert-y kind of thing” without it being too desert-y. As with all Blackbird beers, it always comes back to balance.

Watch the full interview to learn more about specific techniques used when creating this sour. Mikey summed it best when he said, “It’s all about balance; you still want drinkability at the end of the day.”