Pink Phantom: Because It’s Summertime!

Mindi Holding Pink Phantom At Blackbird Brewery, our team is not just a group of individuals; they are the essence of who we are. Each member brings a unique perspective and passion for brewing, and we celebrate this by crafting beers that reflect their personalities and tastes. In our ongoing series, we collaborate with our team members to create exceptional brews, and this time, the spotlight is on Mindi.

The Journey of Collaboration

Mindi, a cornerstone of our taproom, embarked on a quest to create a beer that encapsulated the essence of summertime. Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of picking fresh berries and her current affinity for Gose-style brews, Mindi collaborated with our brewmaster, Ian, to bring her vision to life. The result? Pink Phantom: a Raspberry Gose designed to be the perfect companion for lazy summer days.

A Taste of Nostalgia

While many associate summer beers with low alcohol content, Mindi desired something different—a high-impact brew that wouldn’t weigh her down. Pink Phantom delivers just that. Light and refreshing, with a burst of raspberry flavor reminiscent of childhood berry-picking adventures, this Gose-style beer is elevated with a hint of salt—a nod to Mindi’s preference for savory notes in her beverages.
Mindi’s inspiration for Pink Phantom stemmed from a watermelon and sea salt Gose she enjoyed on her birthday, shared by her friend Harmony. With memories of that beachside celebration in mind, Mindi sought to create a brew that captured the essence of summertime bliss.

A Name Steeped in Collaboration

Drawing inspiration from her love of music, Mindi christened her creation “Pink Phantom,” a playful nod to the song of the same name by Elton John and Gorillaz. Just as the beer embodies the spirit of collaboration between brewer and bartender, the name pays homage to the synergy of artistic endeavors by two of her favorite artists.

A Brew for Every Occasion

For Mindi, enjoying a drink by the beach or pool is a cherished summer pastime. However, staying hydrated is paramount, and traditional beers often leave her feeling too full. Pink Phantom offers the perfect solution—a high-impact brew that quenches her thirst without overwhelming her palate. Its vibrant pink hue mirrors the vibrancy of summer, making it an ideal companion for leisurely days spent under the sun.

Pink Phantom is more than just a beer; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the joy of summertime indulgence. So, whether you’re lounging by the pool or soaking up the sun on the beach, raise a glass of Pink Phantom and toast to the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie. Cheers to summertime adventures and the memories we create along the way!