Season’s Pairings

Cans To GoWe would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers! We value your business and are so grateful for your support. We would also like to thank the Wake Forest community as a whole for welcoming us to your tribe! As you begin your Thanksgiving meal prep, it’s important to think beyond wine when determining which beverages to serve with your meal. Read on to learn about a few new beers that Ian recommends you enjoy with your meal this year! Every beer mentioned (and most of our others) are stocked in cans in the cooler. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to check with a bartender!

The Perfect Pairing for Any Thanksgiving Meal

DunkelMunich Dunkel Amber Lager released this week because it pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner. Malty with a clean finish, Dunkels are a thirst quencher for savory foods and a staple on any Bavarian beer menu. Designed to be consumed the liter (yes, you read that correctly), these beers are known for great drinkability. Getting the majority of its color from higher kilned Munich-style malt, this single decocted brew was patiently matured in horizontal tanks. At only 5.0% ABV, you can enjoy your fill this season!

Premiere Choice for Charcuterie

Smoked DoppelbockWe brewed Rauchinator Smoked Doppelbock with a hefty portion of darker kilned Munich malt and Pilsner malt that had been smoked over Beechwood. When you pair a smoked beer like this one with unsmoked sausage or cheese, you’ll taste more smoke in the sausage and cheese and less smoke in the beer.

This deep amber lager has been single decoction mashed and aged 8+ weeks in horizontal tanks. Pairing well with both charcuterie and oysters, and coming in at 7.5% ABV, the Rauchinator Smoked Doppelbock is the perfect way to get your party started!

A Balanced Porter to Pair with Any Desert

Apothecary PorterLet’s face it: Thanksgiving dinner can be a bit stressful. Like chicken soup for the soul, our creamy and roasty Apothecary Porter is known to calm nerves while pairing well with all Thanksgiving pies. Brewed with 16 malts for layers of complexity and fermented with lager yeast for a clean and neutral base, this porter comes in at 5.5% ABV so the whole family can enjoy.

The Crowd-Pleaser

KolschOur Kolsch is a great universal offering when you aren’t sure what your crowd likes, or they prefer to stick with lighter beers. At just 4.5%, this light and crisp classic German ale drinks like a lager but offers unique stone fruit, salt cracker and chalky aromas you only find in Kolsch. This week only, bring home a 4-pack for just $12.99!

Holiday Hours This Week

TaproomOur taproom will be open every day this week. Whether you’re escaping the crowd, looking for some company, or bringing your family with you, we hope to see your smiling face in our taproom this week! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  • Monday: 3 – 9 PM
  • Tuesday: 3-10 PM
  • Wednesday: 1-10 PM
  • Thursday: 1-10 PM
  • Friday: 12-11 PM
  • Saturday 12 – 11 PM
  • Sunday 2 – 9 PM