Say Cheese!

Harmony and Ian, can we get your autograph please?!? Seriously though, the husband and wife team recently landed a segment on the popular WRAL news show called “Out & About” and before that, they were featured on the 919 Beer Podcast from 99.9 the Fan in Raleigh, NC! Read on to learn more about each of the unique local news sources and the coverage of our local brewery they provided!

WRAL Out & About

WRAL Out & About is a local tv news show dedicated to bringing stories of the people, places, food and experiences that make the Triangle special. We were thrilled when they visited our Wake Forest brewery and tap room just last week! In a series of interviews, Harmony and Ian describe their beer, the taproom experience they aim to provide, and how it is all for their surrounding community!

Everything that we do we try to do with the thought of “What does our community want?…We have a very solid crew that has become like a little family…They’re an extension of me and Ian and the vision that we had in making this a true community spot.

919 Beer: The Triangle’s Local Beer Podcast (

Before they became legends on the local news, Harmony and Ian were featured on 919 Beer’s Local Beer Podcast. The 919 Beer Podcast features interviews with brewers, local beer news, and more. Listen to our full 46-minute interview, or use the guide below to skip to your favorite part!

919 Beer Podcast from 99.9 the Fan in Raleigh, NC

  • 2:50 When do you first get this idea of starting a brewery?
  • 5:30 Learn how Harmony and Ian began in the beer industry in Raleigh in the early 2000s.
  • 7:00 Why should you not expect to find Blackbird Brewery cans in your local grocery store?
  • 9:30 Combatting brewer burnout: what is Ian doing to bring back the enjoyment of brewing beer?
  • 11:00 Ian discusses why it’s important to build a portfolio of really fun beers including European-style beers.
  • 12:45 Ian describes how European-style techniques are an important part of the brewhouse equipment.
  • 14:00 Ian explains how decoction is “Hardcore brewing…There’s a lot of look and feel and smell that brings you back to your roots.”
  • 14:25 A discussion on Czech lagers and German lagers.
  • 15:47 Does it matter if people understand the kind of beers Ian’s brewing?
  • 17:30 Harmony describes the brewhouse and taproom location in Wheatfield Plaza shopping center and their neighboring businesses.
  • 21:32 Time to taste some beer!
  • 23:00 Hazy’s
  • 24:05 West Coast IPAs
  • 26:40 What does hop oil bring to the table?
  • 29:00 Ian describes Jelly Boi and Kolsch yeast and how they became his favorites.
  • 32:50 A discussion on Yellow Submarine including Ian’s description of the use of oat malt at 34:45.
  • 35:00 Ian explains some of the specific equipment in the brewhouse and how he designed it.
  • 40:00 What is the plan going forward? Learn details on their canning and distribution plan.
  • 42:00 Learn where you can find their beer today!

Thank you for all the support this far; we are honored to be a part of the Wake Forest community and don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. We’ll see you at the brewery!