R.I.S.H.I.: A Tribute to Russian Imperial Stouts

Rishi adding Nugget hopsAt Blackbird, our team is the heartbeat of our brewery. Each member, regardless of their role, brings something unique to the table. That’s why we cherish our staff-brewed beer series, where we give our team members the chance to craft their own brew from start to finish. You’ve already savored Deke’s Big Trees Celebration Style Ale and Lexie’s A Little Hustle West Coast Pale Ale, and now, we’re thrilled to unveil the next gem in this series: R.I.S.H.I.

Where it All Began: Rishi’s Journey to Blackbird

Rishi isn’t just a member of our team; he’s one of the originals. With over a decade of experience in the beer industry, his journey began with Trophy Brewing in 2014. Leaving behind a career in finance, Rishi discovered his true passion for craft beer. His knack for opening successful establishments followed him, leading him to Blackbird.

How Rishi Found His Home at Blackbird

In late 2022, fate brought Rishi together with Harmony and Ian, the driving forces behind Blackbird. Inspired by their dedication and vision, Rishi knew he had found a home. Since joining our team, he’s not only contributed to our success but also forged lasting connections within our beer-loving community.

The Inspiration Behind R.I.S.H.I

Rishi’s love affair with beer began with Guinness and blossomed into a fascination with dark styles. Drawing inspiration from a Russian Imperial Stout brewed in California during the early 2000s, he set out to create his own masterpiece. R.I.S.H.I, short for Russian Imperial Stout with Harmony and Ian, pays homage to the classic Imperial Stouts of yesteryears, boasting bold roast flavors and a hint of hop bitterness.

A Tribute to Classic Russian Imperial Stouts

In today’s craft beer scene, Imperial Stouts have taken on a new persona—thick, sweet, and decadent, often resembling dessert in a glass. But Rishi longed for the days when Imperial Stouts were robust, yet balanced; black as night, yet crowned with a tan head. R.I.S.H.I is his nod to those classics, clocking in at a respectable 9% ABV, a touch drier, and a tad more bitter than its modern counterparts. Brewed with Simcoe, Cascade, and Nugget hops, it promises a journey back to the roots of Imperial Stout brewing.

R.I.S.H.I. – The Beer Itself

R.I.S.H.I is a celebration of simplicity and tradition. Crafted with a blend of medium and dark crystal malt, brown malt, chocolate malt, and roasted barley, it’s a symphony of rich flavors and aromas. Hopped judiciously and matured with American ale yeast, it boasts a balanced bitterness and a smooth finish. With an ABV of 9%, SRM of 35, and IBU of 55, it’s a beer that commands attention while staying true to its heritage.

Come Taste R.I.S.H.I at Our Taproom Today!

We invite you to join us in our taproom and experience the timeless allure of R.I.S.H.I for yourself (now on tap and in cans). Rediscover the joy of classic Imperial Stouts and raise a glass to craftsmanship, tradition, and community. R.I.S.H.I is more than just a beer; it’s a journey back in time, a tribute to the beers that ignited our passion for the craft. See you in the taproom!