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Strata Bing Strata Boom Fresh Hop IPA

Brewed with piles and piles of freshly harvested Strata hops from Crosby Farms in Oregon. Each September during hop harvest, hop farms offer a one time special order of fresh hops to brewers willing to work with these fluffy, wet, sticky hops for a special brew. It’s become an annual tradition and celebration of harvest for brewers. The hops are either picked up at the farm or overnighted to breweries on harvest day where we then have to use them within 24 hours before they spoil. The rest of the harvest is kiln dried, pelletized and vacuum sealed to create a shelf stable hop product we can use year-around. Typically these beers have some green hop notes, but with a saturated and unique resiny flavor you can only get from fresh hops!

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Strata Bing Strata Boom