Hungry Are The Damned Imperial Milk Stout

Spooky season is upon us, so we pulled something from our little Treehouse of Horror for you to rot your teeth on. This monstrosity of a beer is brewed with freshly toasted coconut and Oreos. We filled our lauter tun to the brim with rich dark malts, pulled the thick wort and concentrated it with a several hour boil. After a long 20 day ferment, we spent two days toasting over 45lbs of coconut or 12lbs per barrel for our humble sized batch. That was combined into the tank with a bunch of crushed up oreos and conditioned until it tasted just right. May this beer take you to a world of infinite ravenous delights, tantalize your senses, and challenge your intellectual limitations.

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Hungry are the Damned Imperial Milk Stout