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Dayman – West Coast IPA

Dayman! Ah-ah-ahhh! Fighter of the haze man! Ah-ah-ahhh! Champion of the juice! Ah-ah-ahhh! You’re a master of the clear beer, and friendship for everyone!” Dayman is a west coast ipa that uses a new yeast strain from Omega called Daybreak, which is the traditional English yeast we use for hazies but has been modified to make beer go clear instead of hazy. You get the best of both worlds with all the soft and juicy qualities of a hazy and the clear dry drinkability of a West Coast IPA. This bad boy is packed with heaps of some pungent tropical New Zealand Riwaka and HBC 586 hop which adds more layers of white gummy bears and waves of tropical fruit. This beer is for everyone, whether you’re trying to impress the waitress you’ve been so desperately trying to date, or you’re quenching your thirst after doing some Charlie work. 

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Dayman West Coast IPA